Friday Flicks: Sydney’s Must Watch List

This week, Amanda’s daughter gives us her “Summertime Must Watch List.”


As a quick introduction, my barn rat daughter is seven years old and — thankfully — spends most of her time outdoors with her horse. Due to the thunderstorms, though, we have been forced inside to watch a few of her favorite movies on repeat . . . luckily they’re good ones.

Black Beauty (1994)

This classic tale is best told via this 1994 adaptation … at least that’s what my Gen X, born in 1983 heart believes. Black Beauty, played by American Quarter Horse Docs Keepin Time and narrated by Alan Cumming, narrates the events in his life, both joyful and super traumatic. #GingerNeverForget My daughter cried twice through the movie, but especially when Joe was reunited with Black Beauty at the end.

She gave Black Beauty, available on Amazon Prime, 4 Golden Horseshoes.

The Black Stallion (1979)

Remember when I fooled everyone in thinking Justin Bieber was doing a remake of this film on April Fool’s Day and everyone was furious? Good times. Really, though, the original is unbeatable. The story follows Alec who survives a ship wreck and is stranded on an isolated island with a black Arabian stallion. After being rescued, the pair try their hand at Thoroughbred flat racing … because why not? This stuff is movie magic.

My daughter gave The Black Stallion 3 1/2 Golden Horseshoes, because in her words “they were too rough with him sometimes and why did he even HAVE to race? Also, the boat scene freaked me out.”

Hidalgo (2004)

I originally was going to finish this top three must have list with Seabiscuit — my #1 favorite horse movie — but my daughter insisted Hidalgo should finish out the podium instead. She loves Indiana Jones, so I think this movie gave her those same reckless adventurer type feelz. HN’s own prince among men, Viggo Mortensen, headlines this tall tale about a 19th century cowboy traveling to Arabia to compete in a cross country race.

Sydney gave Hidalgo 3 1/2 Golden Horseshoes.

Her biggest comment was, “I like his horse, but that guy needs to rein it in.” This comment made me giggle so hard, because I usually use this phrase in relation to her getting hangry.

Go Riding.