Tuesday Video: Santi Serra Camps & His Liberty Arabians

Be captivated by the well-trained liberty horses of Santi Serra Camps, performing at Hamburg!

We’re always suckers for a well-trained liberty performance here at Horse Nation, but we have to admit that these special Arabians, under the training of Santi Serra Camps, might actually be our spirit animals: “Yes, we will perform, and we will be beautiful, but this is also a grass arena and we are hungry so we might snack a little.”

You do you, hungry Arabians. We love you all the more for it.

Check out more of Santi Serra Camps’ amazing liberty routines with horses and dogs by visiting his Facebook page! Go liberty, and go riding!

Thursday Vid: ‘Truck People’ Dodge Ram Commercial

If you watched the Kentucky Derby or Preakness Stakes, you might have spotted the latest Dodge Ram commercial, “Truck People.”

We have to hand it to the marketing team at Dodge — they’ve put two and two together and realized that horse people are in fact truck people. Who else makes the most out of their trucks, from hauling horses to equipment to feed? That’s the premise behind the latest Dodge Ram commercial, with a special focus on the Kentucky Derby (Ram is the official truck of the Run for the Roses).

Whether you’re raising blue-blooded Thoroughbreds or just looking for a truck to get you and horses to the local showgrounds and back, there’s certainly something to love about this commercial.

Go horse people, go truck people, and go riding!

Tuesday Video: Horse Animation by the Layers

Here’s a little something different for your Tuesday morning: Watch this 3D horse become animated, one piece at a time!

Animated horses have come a long way from the hand-drawn cartoons of yesterday. Watch this 3D rendering of a horse come “alive” one step at a time until it runs across the screen about as realistic as can be!

From the video description:

I created this animation as a way to demonstrate the technique of layering animation to create a realistic run cycle for a horse.

Most of my students knew pose to pose, and straight through animation styles, and the basics of keyframe animation. Yet they were unfamiliar with this layered animation method, and I thought this would aid in showing them step by step how it works.

As always, I look at reference footage to study the type movement I am trying to create with the animation. I also familiarize myself with the character rig thoroughly before proceeding.

The horse run is based on a 12 frame cycle: first starting with the main parts of the body and head, then proceeding to the legs, animating one, then copying and offsetting to its mirror, adding secondary animation and adding further refinements when viewing through a front facing camera.

Pretty cool stuff! Go riding!

Thursday Video: Mama Knows Best


Reader Addie Wetteland sent us this video of two-and-a-half week old “Derby,” who is just dying to play with Bug. As Addie tried to get her twin sister Katie on Bug lined up in front of the barn for a photo, Derby’s mother Ellie had other ideas. After all, mama knows best:

Too cute! Some day Derby will be going for his own rides, we’re sure. In the meantime, listen to your mothers, and go riding.

Video: Feelin’ Fresh, Feelin’ Fly

This Thoroughbred is clearly ready to run … if only this pesky hot walker wasn’t holding her down.

There are few things more impressive than a Thoroughbred at the peak of their racing fitness: they’re all rippling muscle with that sense of barely-bridled energy, ready to go burn up the track. Sometimes, apparently, those little balls of speed can’t contain that energy, as evidenced by the Facebook video below:

What a sassy lady! The video’s original poster included the caption “Tuti wants to fly…” and mentioned in the comments that this filly was due for a race soon. We think Tuti would agree.

Go riding!

Daily Dose of Adorable: Future Baller at Work

The most adorable minute you will enjoy all day long, guaranteed.

Congratulations, Horse Nation — we made it through another week and it’s Friday afternoon. Kick off your weekend with this little dose of adorable in the form of a Rocky Mountain Horse colt named CCF The Force Awakens — known to his friends as Sheldon — romping around his pasture with his oversize soccer ball.

Reader Myranda Grace Elliot sends us the video:

Go out and play, Horse Nation! Happy Friday, have a great weekend, and go riding!

Thursday Video: Equestricats Ride Donkey Double

The only thing better than a cat riding a donkey? TWO cats riding a donkey.

I mean, let’s be honest — how much else do we really need to say? There are cats, the cats are riding a donkey, and everything is adorable. Seriously, I can only aspire to be as cool as these two, lounging on the back of my most noble steed, taking in the afternoon sun.

Happy Thursday, Horse Nation. Let’s make it a good one.

Go riding!

Tuesday Video: For the Birds

Need a helping hand this spring shedding season? How about a helping beak instead?

Many of us leave our horses’ shedding spring coat out on the muck pile or set aside in a location where the birds can easily take what they need to line their nests. These birds are going one better and eliminating the need for the middle man — they’re getting their hair direct from the source.

(Note: must be logged into Facebook to view.)

Is your spring shedding season for the birds? Show us your photos and videos in the comments section!

Go riding!