Tuesday Video: Pas De Deux at Toronto Winter Fair

Some couples dance together. The Irwins are no different. Well, not entirely different.

Tina and Jaimey Irwin of Stoney Lake Equestrian outside of Toronto, Ontario are just like every other couple on a weekend night — they like to go out, maybe do a little dancing, groove to their favorite tunes, rock a full coliseum at the Toronto Winter Fair … yep, the Irwins are a world-class power couple of dressage, and their particular form of dancing involves a couple of well-trained four-hooved partners.

Watch Tina and Jaimey perform their ovation-worthy pas de deux musical freestyle at the Toronto Winter Fair last week, the premier equestrian and agricultural show of the early winter season:

#relationshipgoals, anyone?

The Irwins train out of Stoney Lake Equestrian, producing horses and coaching riders of all levels. Both Tina and Jaimey trained under Holger M√ľnstermann in Germany and have represented Canada in the Pan-Am Games and the World Cup. Clearly, when they’re not busy developing an international-class team, they also like to have a little fun!

Go dressage, and go riding!

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