Tuesday Video: Horse Sledding

No sled actually required.

We’ve seen people hook their sleds to a horse, we’ve seen horses chase people while they’re sledding, but we’ve never actually seen a horse go sledding himself… until now.

This guy is most definitely getting the most out of winter. I think it’s pretty safe to say he knows exactly what he’s doing and he fully intends to continue having a good time:

This video was originally posted by Pferdetierheim Saara, a non-profit horse rescue and sanctuary located in Saara, Germany. As translated from the original Facebook post:

As we noticed the video got famous all around the world real quick. We are a horse rescue farm and to give the horses the life they can live here we need money by donations . If you are interested to support us and donate some money you can contact us over a message for more information. Thanks a lot.

For more information about the rescue, please visit the organization’s Facebook page — and go sledding! Er, riding.

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