Tuesday Video: The Mounting Trampoline

Actually, this is pretty genius.

I’ve always admired people who could spring right up on their horse’s back without aid of stirrup, mounting block, leg-up or some other clever use of a gate, step, log or wall. You’d actually think, if you saw me in person, that at 5’11” I too would be able to basically swing/slide up on anything, especially my 14.3 cow pony. Tragically, I’m cursed with a serious lack of flexibility that prevents me from casually throwing a leg over my steed and shimmying up for a ride — but thanks to this creative video, I think I may have found a solution.

Why have I never thought of that??? The mini-trampoline can have plenty of other applications in the barn, from balancing exercises to the rider to all sorts of desensitization activities for the horse, but easy-breezy mounting might be the best use yet.

Go riding!

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