Thursday Vid: ‘Truck People’ Dodge Ram Commercial

If you watched the Kentucky Derby or Preakness Stakes, you might have spotted the latest Dodge Ram commercial, “Truck People.”

We have to hand it to the marketing team at Dodge — they’ve put two and two together and realized that horse people are in fact truck people. Who else makes the most out of their trucks, from hauling horses to equipment to feed? That’s the premise behind the latest Dodge Ram commercial, with a special focus on the Kentucky Derby (Ram is the official truck of the Run for the Roses).

Whether you’re raising blue-blooded Thoroughbreds or just looking for a truck to get you and horses to the local showgrounds and back, there’s certainly something to love about this commercial.

Go horse people, go truck people, and go riding!

Horses in Ads: Bai ‘Horse Whisperer’

You know what ELSE don’t make sense? This commercial, but we kind of love it anyway.

Horse whispering: you’re doing it wrong … or ARE you? This commercial for Bai Antioxidant Infusion drinks might offend your inner dressage queen but we’re choosing to laugh at it instead:

You’re right, horse whisperer: some things just don’t make sense. But we love them anyway.

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Horses In Ads: ‘Courage Is Already Inside’

This minute-long spot ran almost a year ago for the 2015 Kentucky Derby, but it remains just as good today.

As opposed to most truck commercials which show shiny new vehicles driving up over mountains, hauling boats to the sea or parked at a beauty-shot angle at construction sites, this 2015 commercial produced for the Kentucky Derby takes a different tactic. No masculine money-shots here — instead, this Dodge Ram commercial includes a few ladies you might recognize excelling in their native habitats. And, of course, plenty of horses — what else could you possibly need a truck for if not hauling your horses around?

Look for country music star Miranda Lambert, outdoorswoman Eva Shockey and champion female jockey Rosie Napravnik:

Hey, we already know — trucks are for girls. But isn’t it nice to have a commercial to back us up?

Do you have a favorite horsey commercial? Give us a shout-out in the comments! Go riding!