Video: Horse Riding Horse is So Meta

The creepy horse mask will never not be sinister and unsettling, but we’ve got to hand it to this reader for creative application.

Reader Peter Hällström of Borgå, Finland sent us this video: “I am almost ashamed we did the video, but it just had to be done! Eventually someone else would have done it anyway. I’ve tried to find one on the Internet, but without success. This of course doesn’t mean there isn’t one. The video was filmed almost three years ago, but not until now have I had time to edit it.”

All we have to add is that if you’re going to wear one of those creepy horse masks at all, this is probably the way to do it. Kudos to Peter and friends, because it’s GOT to be challenging cantering while wearing one of those!

You may be familiar with this lovely cob Ian from some of Peter’s other videos that he’s shared with Horse Nation — check out our past article One Girl, One Horse, Four Seasons for more videos!

Peter asks “Is this is silliest horse video on the internet?” If it is, Peter, we’re honored to share it.

Go riding!

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