Right Up There With Worst Ideas Ever

Mariokart meets steeplechase … weapons and all.

Apparently across the pond “Wocket Woy and Batch the Pwoducer” are something of an internet sensation. The two jockeys and best mates started messing around in front of a camera for fun, and now they’re full time viral celebrities.

In their latest escapades, the best friends opted to recreate Super Mariokart on horseback. On a steeplechase course. Insanity ensued.

The two gentleman still race, and according to their Facebook page, “Wocket Woy” and his mount in the video, “Ding Ding” won a steeplechase at Plumpton Racecourse.

You can follow more “Wocket Woy and Batch” escapades on their Facebook Page¬†and via their website.

Go Riding!

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