WATCH: Racehorse Swims With Dolphins, Is Totally Chill

I’ll take this exact horse and two dolphins, thank you very much.

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Screenshot via Instagram

I am trying so hard right now to turn off the part of my brain that’s an over-analytical skeptic with years of experience tumbling from horses who lost their mind because of a bright leaf, a jack rabbit, or the color of fake flowers bedecking a hunter fence. I’m trying with all my might to just appreciate the majesty of this horse and rider at the ocean, watching the dolphins swim to and fro and imagining what a surreal and singular moment that would be in a person’s horse life.

But all I can think about is how ridiculous it is that this horse is not losing her freaking mind. Oh, and did we mention that the mare is a thoroughbred racehorse in active training with $244,000 in earnings?

This spectacular video comes to us from Sam Pritchard-Gordon Racing outside of Melbourne, Australia, and the video was taken at Balnarring Beach. The incredible horse in this video is A Lotta Love, a five-year-old who Sam and his wife Kate (who is riding in the video) acquired for just $10,000. Their operation is small, but Sam is a well known trainer who has managed for Prince Khalid Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and recently decided to strike out on his own and plant roots in Australia.  Sam and Kate have been taking “Lottie” down to the beach to train and exercise in the long shallow waters, which the couple credits with making her a new horse this racing season.

“She’s been there every morning the past couple of weeks and you should see the difference in her since,”  Sam told, an Australian racing news outlet. “She’s started to glow, really blossom and strengthen up again.”

The mare recently completed her first stakes race, and will be looking to make a big splash at the higher echelon of the sport in the months to come.

There’s just something feel-good about seeing even a valuable horse get to be a normal horse, and it seems to have put a good head on the mare’s shoulders. Horse Nation has a whole Lotta Love for Lottie, and we’ll be rooting for her and her connections in the spring and summer season in Melbourne!

You can follow Sam, Kate, Lottie, and their other race horses on their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

Go Riding!

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