Man Attempts to Rob Store on Horseback, Fails Miserably

This Wild West-style robbery might have gone a little better if storefronts still had hitching posts.

It took a few years of real-life horsing around in my youth for me to realize that the personalities assigned to TV horses like Trigger and Silver were tricks of showbiz. My horse would not unilaterally decided to chase down bad guys for me or be my sidekick in a fight. Apparently, this would-be robber hasn’t learned that lesson yet, because the only thing he and his steed have in common is a good flight instinct.

Taken from security footing from a convenience store in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, the man appears to ride up to a convenience store on his horse a few minutes before midnight, and the two together enter the store, where the man confronts a clerk, shaking the poor guy down for his cash. The horse apparently has his own assignment, inspecting the refrigerated goods and keeping an eye out for the cops. But as you might expect, the horse gets lodged in a dodgy area of the store, spooks, and takes off for the exit, whether his partner in crime is coming or not.

According to reports, neither human nor equine have been caught or identified. But if you happen to see a man enter a store with his horse in northeastern Brazil, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it’s probably the same guy.

Run for the hills, horse! And go riding.

World Equestrian Brands HC: Sidesaddle Steeplechase

Move over eventers: these ladies have a lock on “most crazy awesome ridiculous thing done on a horse.”
Screenshot via Facebook

Screenshot via Facebook

Sunday saw the return of the second annual “Mrs. George C. Everhart Memorial Invitational Side Saddle Chase”, the first side saddle race in the United States. It did not disappoint. These brave women made several jumping efforts over a vast green course on the Oatlands Plantation in Leesburg, Virginia over the weekend, to the thrill of the local crowd.

(Note: must be logged into Facebook to view, or you can see the video by clicking here. Click the Facebook “f” in the corner if the video is not playing for you.)

Perhaps most delightful and admirable of all, after showing their fortitude and pluck in the heart-stopping event, all the ladies demonstrate the most ladylike sportsmanship at the finish line by shaking hands and congratulating each other on a safe and successful event for all the participants.

The race organizers were Maggie Johnston and Devon Zebrovious, who decided to develop the event after meeting British sidesaddle racing organizer Philippa Holland in 2013. Holland runs the Dianas of the Chase Race, which was previously the only sidesaddle steeplechase in the world. The event quickly became beloved and iconic, even inspiring a scene in the PBS period drama, Downton Abbey.

The video was shot by Middleburg Photo, and you can see many more fabulous photos of the race (and more moments from The Loudon Races) on their website. You can also follow the race on Facebook.

Go sidesaddle riding!

6 Horses Who Have Mastered the Jolly Ball

Watch out, LeBron: You’re not the only balla in town anymore.

If like any good horse citizen you’re struggling to ‘adult’ this frigid day in January, please take a moment to indulge in these six horses who are also totally opposed to any kind of ‘adulting’. And if you’re curious how your own four legged monster might take to a toy of his own, snag one from our lovely friends at SmartPak!


  1. Hot Rod could do some damage with his Jolly Ball. Remember in elementary school when you got beaned in the face during kickball? It would be kind of like that, but the school bully is 1100 pounds.


2. Miguel the Soccer Pro. This guy, on the other hand, is more of a professional. He’s refined his skills in hopes of playing for Manchester City.


3. Romeo vs. Ball. This lad, however, plays like he’s out for blood. He wants to see the ball go down. Pop and wither in absolute unconditional surrender. It’s not a game. It’s a battle to the death.


4. Cruz is Adorable. This little Kiger mustang is giving it his all to emulate Romeo as a ferocious monster, but ends up just being completely, hopelessly adorable. And the description isn’t kidding; the ball totally wins against this little guy and it’s hilarious.


5. Einstein’s Theory of Size Relativity. In the space-time continuum, the ball is definitely winning here, on the basis of Einstein just not taking up as much space. But what he lacks in size, he makes up for in exceedingly tiny razor sharp hooves.

6. Legacy Obsidian uses ball to look even more gallant and noble.  For this Arabian stallion, the ball is just a convenient excuse to snort, run, and look ridiculously athletic and gorgeous. We wholeheartedly approve.  (note: you will have to be logged into Facebook to see the video.)


Silly boy!

Posted by Windhaven Ranch on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Go Riding.