Horses of YouTube: Art’s Hood Needs Help

There’s a horse in there, somewhere.


I don’t know what’s better, Art’s totally chill reaction to his situation, or “mom’s” total inability to keep it together throughout the ordeal.

Poor Art (aka “Arthur”) found himself in a bit of a pickle the other day, and it became quickly apparent to his owner’s mom that something wasn’t quite right about the poor bloke’s hood. The sight of the stinker missing his eyes and ears was too much for her, and hilarity ensues.

I think Art’s owner Natascha Lambing said it best: “We all love this horse so much, but he’s not very smart.” As the proud owner of a horse that’s much smarter than I am, Natascha, there’s something to be said about the virtues of a simple-minded monster.

Go Horses.


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