This Pony Wants Nothing to Do with Hot Walking

Hot walker? More like massage walker.

Screenshot (21)

Most horses, after enough time, know the basic concepts of the hot walker. Whether they’re tethered or walking freely, most are happy to appease their human counterparts by walking in a circle for a few minutes. Not this pony, though. (Note: You must be logged in to Facebook to view.)

This little guy clearly prefers the massage element of the hot walker, something that cannot be enjoyed unless one stands still. Let the walker come to you, eh little guy?

We’re not sure what’s funnier: the pony’s blatant ignorance of the rules of the other horses who seem completely nonplussed at their ┬ápal’s stubborn streak.

Anyone else have a horse with a funny stubborn streak? We’d love to hear about it, so post your story in the comments below!


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