6 Horses Who Have Mastered the Jolly Ball

Watch out, LeBron: You’re not the only balla in town anymore.

If like any good horse citizen you’re struggling to ‘adult’ this frigid day in January, please take a moment to indulge in these six horses who are also totally opposed to any kind of ‘adulting’. And if you’re curious how your own four legged monster might take to a toy of his own, snag one from our lovely friends at SmartPak!


  1. Hot Rod could do some damage with his Jolly Ball. Remember in elementary school when you got beaned in the face during kickball? It would be kind of like that, but the school bully is 1100 pounds.


2. Miguel the Soccer Pro. This guy, on the other hand, is more of a professional. He’s refined his skills in hopes of playing for Manchester City.


3. Romeo vs. Ball. This lad, however, plays like he’s out for blood. He wants to see the ball go down. Pop and wither in absolute unconditional surrender. It’s not a game. It’s a battle to the death.


4. Cruz is Adorable. This little Kiger mustang is giving it his all to emulate Romeo as a ferocious monster, but ends up just being completely, hopelessly adorable. And the description isn’t kidding; the ball totally wins against this little guy and it’s hilarious.


5. Einstein’s Theory of Size Relativity. In the space-time continuum, the ball is definitely winning here, on the basis of Einstein just not taking up as much space. But what he lacks in size, he makes up for in exceedingly tiny razor sharp hooves.

6. Legacy Obsidian uses ball to look even more gallant and noble.  For this Arabian stallion, the ball is just a convenient excuse to snort, run, and look ridiculously athletic and gorgeous. We wholeheartedly approve.  (note: you will have to be logged into Facebook to see the video.)


Silly boy!

Posted by Windhaven Ranch on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Go Riding.

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