#TBT: Bettina Hoy and the 2002 WEG

Otherwise known as “that time she scored a freakin’ 20.8 in dressage!” The math on that: She earned 11 marks of 10, setting a 4* eventing dressage record that still stands today.

Thanks to Youtube User mj_donovan1990 who commented, “Bettina Hoy (of Germany) riding Woodsides Ashby in the Jerez World Equestrian Games Eventing dressage — they scored a penalty mark of 20.8, a record at 4* level that still stands and will probably never be bettered, getting 11 10s during the test. Unfortunately, as always seems to happen to Bettina, the cross-country was a disaster and they were eliminated.”

By the way, the best eventing dressage score at the 2014 WEG was a 35.2, laid down by eventual winner Sandra Auffarth and Opgun Louvo, also of Germany.

Go Riding!


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