A Real Life Horse Whisperer?

We’ve all had our conversations with our animals, but how many of you have tried to actually talk with your horse? This guy has! I will admit, the sounds coming from this man’s mouth are a bit disturbing simply because they’re so uncanny. He’s literally figured out how to call a foal using sounds its mother would make. How crazy is that?

Ok, I’ll admit to attempting a horse snort or whinny here and there, but this guy has clearly dedicated some time to mastering his craft. The foal just trots right on over as if it weren’t the strangest thing in the world.

What if we could use these communication techniques to train our horses? You know, snort twice for a leg-yield, three times for a half-pass? Imagine the fame!

Jokes aside, I’ve always been a bit on the fence on the concept of “horse whispering.” I mean, The Horse Whisperer was a great movie and an even better book, but how much credibility do these concepts really have? That’s a subject I’ll let you all debate.

I was able to go and audit a Monty Roberts demonstration one time, and I did come away impressed with the transformation I saw from the horses he worked with. It takes a dedicated person to be able to really put the time into finding out the roots of these “problem” horses’ issues.

I still am not sure I’m sold, though. In the meantime, I’ll leave it to this guy who clearly has a knack for talking to animals. See Exhibits B, C, and D:

Go Riding!

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