10 Awesome and/or Ridiculous Videos of Horses and Fireworks

It’s all just so patriotic!

Flickr/Ed Schipul/CC

1. Let’s start this off with a bang. Per the YouTube description, “Vincent Silvestro, ‘The Pyrotechnic Wonder From Down Under,’ races around a racetrack at 30 miles per hour, while standing, with the reins in his teeth, setting off a series of fireworks from the back of his sulky while holding a flare in each hand.” ‘Nuff said.

2. Alex Wildee brings us this slightly more low key but nonetheless impressive snippet of her and her horse Gallant enjoying a fireworks show together. For all the videos I saw of horses freaking out at firework sounds, this is seriously impressive!

3. If you’ve wondered how you might desensitize your horse to the whole experience as well as Alex did, you might start like Bailey did with her mustang Rachel- a single sparkler and a courageous dog!

4. Then you can graduate to THIS freak of nature performance put on by the Icelandic Ponies at the 2012 Equine Affair. WOWEE!!!

5. And then you’ll probably be ready for this guy’s program. The desensitizing king of the world.

6. Did you need a suggestion of how not to do it? Umm, probably not like this.

7. Here’s the thing. This next horse is actually a puppet, but I feel like I’d be depriving the good people of Horse Nation if I excluded what is in fact a pretty awesome video entitled, “Horse Emitting Fireworks Into the Crowd”.

8. Okay, okay. This one isn’t real either. But did you come to Horse Nation for ridiculousness or not? That’s right. YOU’RE WELCOME.


9. This, however, is actually real, and actually amazing.


10. Happy Birthday America. Brought to you by Horse Nation and this awesome chick with a torch flag.



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