Horse Outsmarts Electric Gate

Though I have to wonder — how many times did this horse got zapped before it worked out?

Clever Horse

I’ve had to watch more than a few horses learn their lesson about electric fencing, or “hot wire” as it’s known in some parts, and usually they only have to learn the lesson once. I’ve also watched my dad, my brother-in-law, and a good neighbor or two learn their lesson about hot wire, and that’s usually as funny for me as it is painful for them, because unlike the horses, they know full well what they’re risking!

(Slight digression but important tip: If you ever want to just suck it up and insist on testing your hot wire with your hand, use the BACK of your hand, not the front. If you test with your palm or fingertips, your hand reflexively closes around the wire and you’ll be electrocuted even longer! Thanks, Dad.)

While I’m sure the pains of a good shock are not a mystery to this horse, he turned that pain to knowledge, and that knowledge to freedom:

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Posted by Dorothee Amar on Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We’re going to have to work out a more complicated setup for this clever guy, Dorothee. Or get him a gig on TV doing pet tricks!

Go Riding.


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