Let’s Hear It for ‘Unconventional’ Jumpers!

It’s the effort that counts right? At least this guy gave this little gymnastic the old college try!

Facebook user Kristina Frisk posted this hilarious video of her horse attempting to navigate a small line of poles. His approach is … unconventional. However, we have to hand it to him for pricking his ears and making the best of it! Note: You must be logged into Facebook to view the video.

Kristina’s caption for the video says “I’m just saying one word: dressage horse!”

One thought we had while watching this: how on earth would you even ride that type of maneuver? That’s a lot of suspension to sit through!

A little bit “Pepé Le Pew”…


Another observation from this video is that this guy has lots of natural rhythm! Even while hopping awkwardly over the poles, he never changed pace or lost balance. Points from the judge!

All jokes aside, this horse is seriously adorable for making the best of the situation presented to him. We think Kristina found herself a keeper — whatever his calling may be!

Go Riding.

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