Namaste, Horse Nation

Always on top of the latest horse training techniques, HN would like to introduce you to horse… yoga? A sport where you and your horse become one with the universe.

A description on the International Certificate Course reads, “The Doma India School was first established over 50 years ago in San Luis, Argentina as an innovative horse-taming program based on non-violence and respect for the animal itself. The method consists of reaching a veritable communication between man and horse, without provoking fear or pain, while allowing the tamer to gain its full trust and loyalty.”

This Zen style of horse training was created by father and son duo, Oscar and Cristobal Scarpati, and is officially called ‘Scarpati Indian Taming.’

The website reads, “In contrast with most known methods, taming is established body-to-body in a natural game similar to that used in a herd of horses. Hierarchy is established in a language completely understandable to the horse.”

Let’s just say, these fools are either geniuses or completely insane.

Hat tip to Outside Online, BuzzFeed and readers Kristen Kovatch and Melissa for bringing this, um, “interesting” practice to our attention!

Go Riding!



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