Thursday Video: Free-Jumping Pony is an Overachiever

“You mean I have to work? I’m outta here!”

We all know the stereotype of the lazy, stubborn pony who would rather play dead than work. What about a pony who goes through leaps and bounds – literally – to avoid work?

This 2010 video of free-jumping gone hilariously wrong is going viral on Facebook, and for good reason. When asked to hop over a simple cross-rail, this pony decides to take the easy closest way out:

Well done, little guy.

Go ponies. Go riding.

Tuesday Video: So Happy It’s Spring

This video sums up in 30 seconds how we feel about the fact that it’s finally officially springtime.

Spring has officially sprung! And this little pony sums up in thirty seconds of antics exactly how we feel about it: we don’t know if we want to go running, stuff our face or dance around wildly just for the joy of being alive.

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UN PONEY SUR PILE✎ UN PONEY SUR PILE – Celui-là quand il se défoule cela se voit !╰▶ ORIGINAL VIDEO PAGE ® Copyright hingrez eulalie

Posted by Horses-Videos on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

You go, little pony. Go do it all. Because it’s finally springtime and we’re excited too.

Go out there and get your Tuesday, Horse Nation. Go riding!