DeAnn Sloan

Ukrainian Equine Veterinarians Received Veterinary Medical Supplies Worth $100,000

Following the invasion by Russian military forces, much of the Ukraine was left in dire straits. The equestrian community was no exception. Fortunately, a few organizations stepped up to provide aid that resulted in much needed medical supplies. (more…)

Three Things to Love About OTTB United, the New Marketplace for Thoroughbred Lovers

OTTB lovers, this one’s for you! The OTTB United app has created a marketplace and a source of community — and it’s got all the convenience buyers and sellers need. Learn more in the first part of our review series: (more…)

HN Blogger Contest Round Two: Horses and Hope

“When Terri’s husband passed away in December of 2021, her determination to continue moving forward with their dream didn’t waver and she began operating full-time in June 2022.” Hope Adventures is an animal-assisted mental health practice, which uses traditional therapy techniques and allows clients to interact with the animals in a variety of ways. (more…)