Thursday Video: Staten Island Pony Escape

Have winter storm, will travel — or so was the motto of these two naughty ponies in Staten Island, New York, who decided the time was right on Tuesday to go on an adventure.

Not sleet, nor snow, nor falling rain could stop these two ponies from taking off on an exploratory journey around their Staten Island neighborhood on Tuesday, right in the midst of winter storm Stella. Because that’s what ponies do, right — wait for the moment that is definitely the least convenient for everyone, from owners to law enforcement, before making their big break.

Fortunately, thanks to some good-natured folks including an off-duty police officer, the two wayward pint-size steeds were caught, identified and returned to their owners, safe and sound. The ponies appeared to be in great condition and health, and much like horses will do, apparently just decided to break out and go for an adventure.

Not only one but two major news sources covered the escape — because finally people are catching on that ponies are amazing and the world wants to hear more about them.

We’re glad all is well that ends well in this case, and everyone is safe and sound at home.

Go riding!

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