Rehabbing Funny Bunny B’s Injury: Rehab Stressors

“I feel like the meme of the girl and guy laying in bed thinking two totally different things. I’m thinking, ‘How’s the tendon healing? Will Buns make a full recovery? Will we be shooting partners again?’ Buns is probably thinking, ‘Wonder when my next meal is.'”


Rehabbing Funny Bunny B’s Injury: Vet Check Up

“Tick tock, tick tock. I was losing my mind. And then, there it was — the x-ray picture of Buns’ fracture.” Read more to see what the X-ray showed, what new interventions we’re implementing and a rough timeline of Buns’ recovery.   (more…)

Rehabbing Funny Bunny B’s Injury: Rehabilitation Exercise

“I can not tell you how many times I marched right back into the pen and took him back into the barn thinking, ‘Not today, Buns. Not today.’ I was not taking any chances, or giving Buns any chances, of re-injury.