Tuesday Video: Worth Her Weight in Gold

This horse is bound to give you chills and maybe jerk a few tears as she stands quietly while her rider frees her foot from the stirrup after the duo falls to the ground!

Every equestrian is lucky to come across that one horse in a lifetime that is worth its weight in gold. For Alyssa, she has found that horse. While at an AQHA show in Fort Worth, Alyssa and her horse had some trouble on the ground and her horse ended up going down. During this scary situation, Alyssa states, “One of my biggest fears came true: My foot was wedged in the stirrup when I came off.”

This horse is nothing short of amazing. She stood there quietly as her rider quickly untangled and freed her foot from the stirrup. It’s in times like these that we really learn to appreciate the bond we have with our equine partner.

Go riding!