Quiz: Are You a Horsemanship Expo Person?

Candace Wade, who definitely describes herself as a horsemanship expo lover, has created a quiz so you can decide if you too are one of her people.
Chris Cox at Equine Affaire Ohio. Photo by Candace Wade.

Chris Cox at Equine Affaire Ohio. Photo by Candace Wade.

This personality test is a guide to discover whether equine clinics are suitable for your personality type. Administer this test to your proposed clinic-buddy to assess if he or she is a good match for the clinic experience. My husband’s response to “do you want to attend the Equine Affaire in Ohio?” was “I’d sooner hit myself over the head with a brick:” an indication of a doubtful match.

So my friend and I went instead. We’ve followed GaWaNi Pony Boy from Tennessee to Alabama to Ohio to Missouri. We pore over the schedules and devise a plan of action that rivals Eisenhower’s planning of Normandy. We sit transfixed, drinking in all the knowledge and advice (even if we don’t really understand the nuances of classical dressage). Normally healthful eaters, we gobble revolting booth-food. We laugh and “post-show-recap” the entire eight hour drive home. We are horsemanship clinic people.

Take the quiz and see where you fall:

Share your results in the comments section. Go riding!