Trivia Tuesday! 4-H Horse Bowl Edition

It’s Trivia Tuesday and this week we will be answering 4-H Horse Bowl questions. Good luck!

Scroll down for the answers!

1) The horse has ________ pairs of ribs.

2) Initial domestication of horses occurred in which places between 2500 B.C and 4500 BC?

  1. China and Poland
  2. China and Mesopotamia
  3. Spain and France
  4. France and India

3) The male horse has 40-42 teeth and the female 36-38. Why is this fluctuation in numbers possible?

4) Geophagia is the act of eating:

  1. dirt
  2. wood
  3. feces
  4. hair

5) The Thoroughbred stallion Three Bars has produced many:

  1. eventing champions
  2. hunter-jumper champions
  3. racing Quarter Horses
  4. dressage champions


Got your answers?




1A) 18

2A) China and Mesopotamia

3A) Canine Teeth

4A) Dirt

5A) Racing Quarter Horses

How’d you do?  Were you a trivia master?


Or do you need to do a little studying?


Go ahead — we strongly encourage bragging in the comments section below. And be sure to come back every week to test them skillz!

Go Riding!

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