Quiz: What Does Your Mucking Style Say About You?

There could be a correlation between your poop-scooping technique and your personality. Katie Fiorella explains.

Photos: Flickr/net_efekt/Creative Commons

From Katie:

The Sifter

You’re the sifter if you carefully sift through the stall to make sure you are only tossing away the poop. This could mean that you are careful and frugal. You enjoy doing what you have to do to save money. You enjoy taking a little extra time on projects. You’re probably even a perfectionist!

The Scoop and Thrower

You scoop through the stall, no matter what is in the way, and throw it right into the wheel barrel. This could mean that you are a fast-paced person and prefer to get things done instead right away instead of wasting time. You are determined and you know that if you want anything done right, you have to do it yourself! You’re in and out and moving on to other things.

The Flinger

You are the flinger if you just fling poop over your shoulder and hope it lands in the wheel barrel. This could mean that you are careless. You just want to get things done with, even if it means making more of a job for yourself later on. This is just not something you want to do, and it shows in your actions. You have much better things to do and would rather get to those things sooner and deal with everything else later.

The Mountaineer

You are the mountaineer if you scoop all the shavings and toss them against the wall, building a pile so all the poop rolls down, ready to be neatly scooped. This could mean that you are creative and efficient. You constantly think of new ways to do things if it means making a job easier and quicker for you. You think outside the box in all that you do.

The Combo

You do a combination of these types, maybe all at once, or on different days, depending on your mood. This could mean that you are easy going and don’t have a specific routine. You do what feels natural and whatever seems like a good idea at the time. You live in the moment and enjoy being spontaneous.

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