Let’s Test Them Trivia Skillz

It’s that time, folks. Dust off the Pony Club manuals and break out the encyclopedias, because it is Trivia Tuesday!

1. In 1918 the United States’ use of the work horse peaked, at this point approximately how many head of horses were documented in the states?

  • 10 million
  • 25 million
  • 21 million
  • 16 million

2. The skeletal system of the horse functions as:

  • levers, stores minerals, blood cell formation
  • levers, protects organs, regulates sodium levels
  • provides framework for muscles, protects organs, and filters fluid
  • stores minerals and releases hormones for growth

3. The head consists of 34 irregularly shaped flat bones. What type of joints are in the cranium?

  • immovable
  • glide
  • permanent
  • flexible

4. Which of the following is not true about the nasal cavity:

  • scroll shaped turbinate bones deflect air through nasal passageway
  • mucous lining has sensory nerve endings
  • is connected to respiratory system
  • has cilia to facilitate movement of mucus

5. What is the name of the groove on the horse’s upper incisors that can be used to tell a horse’s age from 10- 30 years?

  • Cantanda’s groove
  • Galvayne’s groove
  • tuberosity groove
  • Sudden’s groove



Here are your answers! 

1. 21 million

2. levers, stores minerals, blood cell formation

3. immovable

4. has cilia to facilitate movement of mucus

5. Galvayne’s groove


How’d you do?

Were you a trivia master?


Or do you need to do a little studying?


Come back every week to test them skillz.

Go Riding!

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