Take This Pony Club Quiz!

Dust off the Pony Club Manuals and open up those encyclopedias, because it is Trivia Tuesday!

1) At what age does a pony usually have all of its permanent teeth?

  • 2 yrs.
  • 5 yrs.
  • 7 yrs.
  • 9 yrs.

2) Why should you not use peroxide, alcohol, iodine, Vaseline or strong antiseptics on wounds?

  • horse may kick or rear from pain
  • you should never use anything stronger than Betadine without consulting a vet
  • all of these can be toxic to some horses
  • can damage the tissue and may interfere with healing

3) How long after an inoculation is it before a horse develops enough antibodies for immunity?

  • 2-3 days
  • 4-6 days
  • 2-3 weeks
  • 4-6 weeks

4) What of the following is NOT a symptom for Equine Encephalomyelitis?

  • fever and excitability
  • depression and drowsiness
  • coughing or wheezing
  • walking in circles

5) How long is it appropriate to lunge an unfit horse?

  • 2-3 minutes max.
  • 5-10 minutes max.
  • 12-15 minutes max.
  • 20-25 minutes max.


Got your answers?




1) 5 yrs.

2) Can damage the tissue and may interfere with healing

3) 2 – 3 days

4) Coughing or wheezing

5) 5 – 10 minutes


How’d you do?  Were you a trivia master?


Or do you need to do a little studying?


Come back every week to test them skillz.

Go Riding!

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