Friday Quiz: What Should Your Horse Be For Halloween?

There are so many good options for dressing your horse up for Halloween. Take our quiz and we’ll make a suggestion if you’re still stumped.

When I was a kid and still in the appropriate age bracket to go trick or treating (in my mind, that was appropriate until I was 13 or 14 and then I resigned myself to candy-distribution duty), the quest to discover the perfect Halloween costume started back in July or August (I liked to be prepared). Past hits from when Kristen was a kid included the inevitable unicorn phase, the poodle skirt thing, a crayon and one weird year where I decided to go around as a waffle (which in the dimly-lit porches of my neighborhood also apparently looked like a cell phone).

My lesson barn community extended my costuming phase beyond my preteen years, and I recall the fake sidesaddle “medieval lady” costume making its rounds as well as a particularly memorable Halloween where my friend and I dressed as hippies and made an enormous felt blanket for my lesson pony to turn him into a VW bus covered in flowers and mottoes of peace.

If you’re stumped this year, fear not: we’ve created the perfect interactive quiz to help you discover your horse’s Halloween costume potential.

Go riding!

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