Integrity in Barrel Racing: A Discussion on Indiscriminate Drug Use in the Sport

“A study published last year in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association found that horses racing on Lasix were 62% more likely to die within three days of racing than horses running without the drug.” Is this really in the best interest of our horses?

U.S. Horse Racing Should Remember Washington Post Editorial: ‘Horse Racing Has Outlived Its Time’

Animal Wellness Action’s Marty Irby has been following the progress of American horse racing closely. Given the developments of the past weeks, he offers this follow-up to his article from two weeks ago and further calls for change in the anti-doping regulations. (more…)

Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration Allows Convicted Horse Abuser Jackie McConnell to Return While Reform Efforts Continue to Fail

“Allowing McConnell to return is a disgrace that has given both the Celebration and Governor Bill Lee, who attended the event on Saturday night, another black eye.” (more…)

Op-Ed: The Proposed Compromise Legislation Is No Compromise for the Big Lick TWH

As moves are made in Congress to modify and discuss the PAST Act (S. 1007), we’re here to bring you varying perspectives and updates. Today’s op-ed comes from Candace Wade, who feels strongly that the current compromise offers no protection for the horses. (more…)