Tuesday Video: Icelandic Stars in Ad

If this sexy gray Icelandic horse running in slow motion down a craggy beach doesn’t sell clothing, we’re not sure what will.

Eral North, a Shanghai-based clothing company specializing in technical apparel with a high fashion feel, launched its new concept with an Icelandic ad campaign — shot entirely on location on a dramatic, craggy Icelandic beach, complete with the native Icelandic horses we all know and love.

Check out the ad itself, which will probably make you want to bundle up in a warm jacket:

And check out the behind the scenes video featuring the entire cast and crew, plus bonus Icelandic horses:

As with many concept ads, we’re not entirely sure what’s going on here, but the Icelandic horse is definitely a rockstar, so we’re giving this one two big thumbs up.

Go riding!

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