Horses in Ads: Dior ‘Sauvage’

Remember when commercials included tinny jingles and anthropomorphized horses doing cute things? We’ve come a long way, baby.

Fragrance commercials, admittedly, never cease to totally baffle me — then again, I’m not much of a perfume wearer other than eau de stable, so perhaps I’m not supposed to “get” it. That said, the ad campaign for Dior’s new signature male fragrance Sauvage is pretty epic: in four episodes, viewers travel the world for various “Tales of the Wild,” meeting individuals who chose to live their lives far off the well-trod path.

Episode Two in particular caught our eye: follow Jakob von Plessen into the Patagonian wilderness to ride the mountains of Argentina. Fearless horses in gorgeous scenery with a rugged gaucho? Sign us up.

Austrian, German and French by heritage, Jakob von Plessen grew up in Argentina. He worked for several years leading horse safaris in Kenya, honing his skills as a horseman, leader and guide, before returning to Argentina to set up his own horseback guide service to let others experience the gaucho’s way of life. You can learn more about von Plessen and his horse tours through the Classic Safari Company’s website.

Go adventures. Go riding!

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