Tuesday Video: ‘Really Good at Being a Horse’

This tongue-in-cheek ad reminds us of what we’ve always known deep down inside: even the Clydesdale is absolutely best at simply being a horse.

The Clydesdale commercials have become a staple of game-day TV, having developed a phenomenon in which we count down our favorites, share clips incessantly on social media for the month of February and weep openly at parties when the big moment plays out on the screen. For most horse lovers, we couldn’t tell you what team won the Super Bowl in a given year but we could probably describe what cute thing the big bays did in their two-minute TV spot.

Recognizing this bizarre trend, the advertising team for Synovus, a southeastern US-based bank, cashed in on Clydesdale fever through a more realistic avenue:

Well, I think I found my new favorite ad. Sometimes, isn’t it nice to recognize that horses really are the best at just… being horses?

Go riding!

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