Random Horse Commercial of the Day: Pavonine Fashion

“I want to be a famous rider. I should like to hunt, ride to hounds, I should like to race.” Well, kiddo, I’d start by putting on some pants.

Based in L.A., Pavonine is a line of designer clothing that is “effortlessly cool and distinctively alluring… Forever versatile, Pavonine’s silhouettes range from flirty and feminine to rough and rock-inspired so you’re ready for anything at a moments notice.” Except, you know, riding a horse.


The quote, as our astute readers Catherine Montalbo, Jan Costello and Lynn Howland, is from National Velvet:

One time is charming. The quote on repeat… not so much. Go Riding!

The Internet is full of random horse-themed commercials, and we like to think of Horse Nation as a place where they can come die in peace. We are committed to honoring these forgotten and overlooked commercials in all of their weird glory, one by one, day after day after day. Have a favorite equestrian ad you’d like to see featured here on the site? Email it to [email protected].


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