World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Percheron XC

Percherons wouldn’t normally be good event horses … but this isn’t a normal Percheron! Ride along on the Plantation Fields Novice cross-country course aboard “Klein.”

Draft horses are most commonly seen pulling carriages and wagons; they can make great riding horses but very few have the athletic build and drive to be an event horse. “Klein” is one of these rare individuals, a more refined Percheron than other members of her breed better suited to more typical draft horse uses.

Climb aboard Klein and go for a spin around Plantation Field’s Novice cross-country course!

From the rider’s perspective, you might not guess you’re riding a Percheron. We’re loving “The Flying Percheron” blog, which chronicles the long and patient process of training a draft horse eventer — check it out here.

Go Percherons! Go riding!

World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Blooper Reel

We love those helmet cams in which a beautiful ride looks effortless and fun. But as we all know, for every perfect trip there are plenty of blooper moments.

Hey, nobody’s perfect, and it takes a brave soul to record all of those imperfect moments and put them on YouTube for the world to see — but that’s exactly what user PonyCam did! Ride along and see how many of these moments look familiar to you:

Try and try again! Check out the rest of PonyCam’s YouTube channel for more videos, including plenty of successful rides.

Go riding!

World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Mounted Archery

Practice makes perfect! Check out the rider’s point of view for this mounted archery practice session.

Mounted archery is a rapidly-growing equestrian sport all around the world, letting riders of all skill levels discover their inner warrior and precision skills. As you might imagine, it’s a discipline that requires plenty of practice — let’s mount up and ride a practice session aboard Lindsay the Haflinger!

Our rider is a pretty good shot! This practice session was made even more difficult by riding bareback — we’re definitely impressed!

Go mounted archery! Go riding!

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