Video: Horse Wrangling From Motorbike

As titled by the original poster, “Riders Helping Riders.”

This helmet cam video has been blowing up the Internet for a few days, featuring a motorbike rider assisting with some loose horses. The poor biker has taken all sorts of heat on social media for “chasing the horses into a frenzy” but we think it’s pretty apparent in this video that the gray horse likely spooked due to his saddle slipping and brought his bay friend along for the run.

Motorbikes are to their riders what are horses are to us, and the fact that this guy drops his bike to the ground in order to keep a hand on this runaway horse says a lot for his intentions:

Hero? Accidental harasser of loose horses? All is well that ends well, so we’re going to say that ultimately this guy did a good deed in keeping these horses from further harm.

Go riding!

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