7 Epic GoPro Horse Adventures, From Broncs to Trotters

Since most of us won’t have the pleasure of racing through Monument Valley on horseback or riding in a cowgirl drill team, come along for some vicarious thrills!

NFR competitor Jacobs Crawley shares with us the crazy world of bronc riding practice on a rainy night. Am I crazy, or does that look as fun as he made it sound? I mean, besides the whole “you could totally die doing this” part.


Jockey Chantal Sutherland packs us along for the freakishly weird experience of riding a trotter against a harness trotter and breaking some records in the process! That must be a CRAZY core workout, am I right?


If you’ve ever seen a single Western made before 1970, it was probably made in Monument Valley. Who hasn’t had this little fantasy?


I will never have sufficient skill nor the sufficient number of insane horse girlfriends to have my own cowgirl drill team, so my thanks to Rock’n’Roll Cowgirls for sharing their GoPro footage!


Since I can’t get enough of the Wild West today, this awesome gal Cheryl Roles cruising through a barrel pattern at sunset. America, y’all.


Also, this girl on her horse racing her boyfriend on his mountain bike. I like them.


And finally, a freakish perspective you could only get from a GoPro or a very loose girth and a death wish…the GIRTH CAM. (I think the YouTube commentor said it best that “It looks like running roasted chicken legs.” Too true, YouTube commentor. Now I want chicken. 


Go Riding.

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