World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Arena Wreck

Keep your feet planted as you watch this video!

Riding a green horse comes with numerous disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is the horse’s inability to properly use his body. This unfortunate learning situation leaves some riders in extreme circumstances such as the one shown on Instagrammer pony_cam’s video. Sometimes the ground may be insufficient, the rider may be inexperienced and the horse just has a…less than graceful moment. Keep your feet on the ground and empathize with this rider if you can relate to this helmet cam video!

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What happens when the pony gets a bit green & unbalanced on the new surface! 🐴💥 . Casper was 100% fine and not even slightly fazed as he slid down rather than falling heavily – the GoPro footage makes it look much more dramatic than it was as the camera was attached to my head, which hit the ground a lot faster/from higher up. Obviously I would not have shared the video if Casper were harmed in any way. I got back on and walked and trotted him round for a bit to make sure he was still confident and happy (he was!). All the other horses were fine on the brand new surface and the arena will be no problem for Casper too once it has settled down a bit more, even if he gets a bit of wheel spin in the canter! 👍 . I got my second concussion of the year but will also be 100% fine! 🧠 I couldn’t remember falling off or swapping horses by the end of the lesson, and at one point actually had to check my arm for wood chips as evidence that I had hit the deck on Casper earlier on 😂 . . . . #horse #horses #pony #ponies #horseriding #horsebackriding #riding #ride #cheval #pferd #equestrian #equine #fail #instahorse #fall #horsefall #gopro #horsesofinstagram #poniesofinstagram #canter #helmetcam #actioncam #equineperfectfeat

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Don’t worry, though. The pony was perfectly fine and the rider will be after recovery from a concussion. It’s a good thing there was a helmet attached to that camera (and her head!).

Go World Equestrian Brands, and go riding!

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