World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Icelandic Trek

You know what never gets old? Helmet videos from the mysterious and fantastic world that is Iceland, featuring plenty of Icelandic horses.

Iceland is a land full of such fantastical features, people and animals that we’re not entirely convinced it’s even a real place (just ask HN head editor Leslie Wylie, who even visited in person to double-check its existence). And when we find a Helmet Cam video like this, we’re torn between unbridled desire to go see this place for ourselves and wild fits of disbelieving laughter.

Saddle up and ride along for a three-day trek across Iceland, complete with a loose traveling herd of Icelandic remounts to keep your steeds fresh. From dramatic, breathtaking scenery to quaint settlements and villages, punctuated at all times by the steady clip-clopping of Icelandic hooves, you’ll be captivated by the magic spell of Iceland yourself.

Well, that’s enough of this day job. I’m off to go discover this place for myself.

Go riding!

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