World Equestrian Brands: BRD Percherons at Equine Affaire

There may come a day in which we are tired of watching this Percheron hitch perform, but it is not this day.

The Blue Ribbon Days hitch of Percherons must be an awe-inspiring sight in person: six high-stepping dark horses, beautifully groomed, decorated and harnessed with gleaming trappings to a spotless bright yellow wagon rumbling along behind. Fortunately for this of us who have never been able to witness the team in person, the Blue Ribbon Days human support team keeps up a great social media presence, often recording events live and streaming them via Facebook for fans near and far.

Recognizing the majesty and beauty of this championship-winning team, the Equine Affaire of Massachusetts invited Blue Ribbon Days as one of many equestrian celebrities to perform and educate attendees in West Springfield last week. Part of the fun of being an invited participant at Equine Affaire is performing in Fantasia, the nightly equine musical spectacular featuring a huge range of performances.

Blue Ribbon Days shared this video from the driver’s bench from Fantasia rehearsal — turn up your volume to hear the true thunder of twenty-four heavy hooves and the rumble of wagon wheels as the team trots into the coliseum!

Blue Ribbon Days is based in Missouri but spends part of the year touring the country with its fabulous team competing in major six- and eight-horse hitch competitions as well as various other hitch configurations at state fairs and championships. To learn more about Blue Ribbon Days, follow them on Facebook.

Go draft horses! Go driving!

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