The Bomb-Proofest Grand Prix Horse in the History of Ever

No, your chainsaws and umbrellas shall not disturb my one-time tempis, thankyouverymuch.
Horse Nation photo by Roy Fabricus of FabFoto Denmark

Photo by Roy Fabricus of FabFoto, Denmark

There is very little that I can add in words to enrich this performance by Swedish rider Anna Blomgren and her 2006 mare, Donna Summer. But it suffices to say that umbrellas, fire, chainsaws, and the world’s most creative use of a tarp are no match for Anna and Donna. Journalistic impartiality be damned; this is positively awesome.

Anna has worked her way up the dressage ranks all over the world, including “trying to do dressage on half-broke Arabians in the woods of Mississippi”, and working at the iconic Blue Hors Stud in Denmark. She currently works and trains out of the Netherlands, but if she ever comes to teach a clinic in America we will let you know. I personally would quite like to see the tarp trick in person.

You can find out more about Anna at her website, http://www.annadressage.com/.

Go riding!


Correction: In our initial publishing of this story, we incorrectly identified Anna as Danish. She is in fact Swedish! Thanks to our readers for catching our error. Go Sweden! 

Video: Pony Wears Clothes, Eats Cereal

Unsurprising to no one, ponies are less cooperative than dogs for this running gag.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 7.57.11 AM

Have you seen the hilarious video jokes in which people take their dogs, stuff them into an oversized sweater with themselves, then feed them at the dinner table? For whatever reason, it never gets old to see a dog with human hands using silverware. This video illustrates the concept:

And finally someone’s done it with a pony … and while the sight of a pony in a hoodie is pretty hysterical, ponies apparently don’t eat with quite as much fervor as dogs. (Log in to Facebook to view.)

Tag en ven der spiser som en hest 🙂

Posted by Krogbækgaard Læsø on Sunday, May 17, 2015


For crying out loud, someone teach this pony some manners … he has no idea how to eat with a spoon. Kudos to whatever person is crammed into this sweatshirt with this pony, because that’s gotta be a tight fit.

Go riding!

This Welsh Cob Loves His Leaf Blower


Gallod Gethin is a 6-year-old Welsh Cob owned by Elizabeth Taylor. Of Gethin’s strange obsession with the leaf blower, Elizabeth explains, “Everyone at the barn thinks of him as a person or a puppy… He absolutely loves being blown in the face by a leaf blower, especially in the summer time! Anytime someone blows out the barn, they must take a moment to blow his face (haha).”

Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! Go goofy ponies, and Go Riding.