Daily Dose of Adorable: Nemo Leads Team Workout

Can’t get motivated to work out? You need to have a chat with Nemo the miniature horse.

Look, I’m just not one of those people that “working out” comes easily to. But I think I may have found exactly the kind of fitness coach I need in my life, and his name is Nemo:

Working out with Nemo — complete with his sweatband and rainbow polo wraps — looks like fun! Does he do Skype consultations?

Nemo is a three-year-old miniature horse owned by Juliette Cimetiere, an 18-year-old horsewoman from Redmond, Washington state. Juliette trains primarily in dressage and liberty, though she also jumps. Juliette and her mother coach the Beau Soleil Vaulters, ranging in age from six to fourteen. Nemo is the vaulting practice motivator, helping to keep the squad in shape by “leading” group workouts.

Go Nemo and Juliette, and go riding!

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