Video: Alpaca Gone Wild

It doesn’t matter how many videos I watch of alpacas “pronking,” it never ceases to be hilarious.

Up until now, I’ve always assumed that horses were basically the only common domesticated animal to enjoy running around and kicking up their heels and being silly in high spirits. And then I saw this video of a pair of alpacas turned out with a trio of minis for a little free time and realized that joy looks the same in every species: (note — must be logged in to Facebook to view.)

Friends are found in many places! Look at how much fun the alpacas and minis have running around the arena together. Do you think they could show some competition at Sunday’s Puppy Love 5k? We sure do!

Posted by Education at Helen Woodward Animal Center on Friday, March 13, 2015


That hysterical pogo-stick-skipping that the alpaca is doing in the beginning of the video is like many other facets of the alpaca world and has its own term (like “cria,” “orgling” and “berserk”) — that’s called “pronking.”

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Go riding!

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