Video: Pony Wears Clothes, Eats Cereal

Unsurprising to no one, ponies are less cooperative than dogs for this running gag.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 7.57.11 AM

Have you seen the hilarious video jokes in which people take their dogs, stuff them into an oversized sweater with themselves, then feed them at the dinner table? For whatever reason, it never gets old to see a dog with human hands using silverware. This video illustrates the concept:

And finally someone’s done it with a pony … and while the sight of a pony in a hoodie is pretty hysterical, ponies apparently don’t eat with quite as much fervor as dogs. (Log in to Facebook to view.)

Tag en ven der spiser som en hest 🙂

Posted by Krogbækgaard Læsø on Sunday, May 17, 2015


For crying out loud, someone teach this pony some manners … he has no idea how to eat with a spoon. Kudos to whatever person is crammed into this sweatshirt with this pony, because that’s gotta be a tight fit.

Go riding!

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