Lindsey Kahn

Video: What a Relaxing (& Flatulent) Afternoon

Sometimes, you just have to stretch out in the sun and let loose…

Videos of horses peacefully snoring are soothing and adorable. Videos of horses peacefully snoring and farting are soothing and hilarious. Woodloch Stable’s lesson horses sure know how to get some R&R, and I was able to snatch a quick video of them napping before the silence was broken by a mild nor’wester from our flatulent Morab, Mex: (note — must be logged in to Facebook to view).

I think the schoolies partied too hard last night…

Posted by Lindsey Kahn on Friday, March 13, 2015

When life gets hectic and you feel like you can’t catch a break, just remember that if these hard-working horses can find the time to relax and enjoy the sunshine, so can you.

Go Riding.

3… 2… 1… Wipe Out!

“I totally meant to do that.”

We all love it when we catch our horses’ less-than-glamorous moments on camera. This video from Ester Jamison is a perfect example of a horse who “totally meant to do that” as he made his way casually to the gate. (Note: you must be logged in to Facebook to view this video)


So normally Tucker runs to the gate and I wanted to get it on video. Well today I got this instead lol!

Posted by Ester Jamison on Sunday, April 19, 2015

Well played, Tucker. Well played.

Go Riding!

This Guy Proposes to His Girlfriend Using Her Horse

…and it’s adorable.

Happy Valentine’s Day hangover! First comes love, then comes… this time lapse video of a perfectly orchestrated horsey marriage proposal.

From the romantic lighting and red carpet leading to a (very tolerant) horse, this guy’s romantic marriage proposal is the embodiment of horse-loving perfection.

From the video’s description:

“This is a compilation of the two hours leading up to and including my proposal to my now fiancée, condensed down into a short 10 minute video. Because Megan has grown up around horses all her life, I knew she would absolutely LOVE if her own horse was involved in this special moment. Here is my proposal to her in the barn where her horse, Jackson, lives… And yes, Jackson, played a huge role in this surprise marriage proposal! Thank you to everyone that helped make this special moment possible!”

Go Riding.

Chest-Deep Snow No Problem for These Furry Friends

This video of four minis and a giant puppy plowing their way through over three feet of fresh, fluffy snow will melt your heart.

Snow video screenshot

Playing follow-the-leader is pretty fun — especially when you’re not the one doing all the work! Watch these four minis and their Great Pyrenees friend enjoy a fresh New Hampshire snowfall (and nearly get submerged in the process). Please note that you must be logged into Facebook to view this video.

Go Riding!