Stallion Arrives at Vet Upside-Down, Leaves a Gelding

Vets save the day and Facebook goes wild.

"I meant to do that."

“I meant to do that.”

All too often, horses like to throw some drama into the day. Take this pony, who apparently was not excited for his trip to Newnham Court Equine Clinic to be castrated!

Photo courtesy of Newnham Court Veterinary Group's Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of Newnham Court Veterinary Group’s Facebook page.

Newnham Court Veterinary Group’s Facebook page posted the story behind this startling picture:

A challenge for the equine team at Newnham Court today. An unhandled horse castration. Not quite the usual method of arrival at the clinic, upside down over the front bars with legs completely stuck, Vets, Katie Snalune and Rachel Argyle and the nurses, assisted by the very experienced handler, anaesthetised the horse and managed to free the pony safely. You will be pleased to hear he went home a gelding in one piece!!!

It should be noted that in addition to positive Facebook comments for the vet team’s expert handling of a potentially dangerous and tragic situation, some people poked some lighthearted fun at the gelding’s expense, because laughter is the best medicine:





Well played, Facebook, well played.

Congratulations to the veterinary team at Newnham Court for their smooth moves, and to the Facebook collective for showing their good humor and support with this happy ending! Go Riding.

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