Product Review: ‘Move Your Meat’ Trail Bell

Candace Wade test-rides an innovative new tool for riders who are forced to share their trails!
Photo courtesy of Candace Wade.

Photo courtesy of Candace Wade.

We share our riding trails with other riders of varying speed and abilities. With the promise of delicious spring and summer weather giving trail riders the siren’s call, there’s the question of how to ride past a slower rider — or hiker, or mountain biker, or worse.

I try to ride in groups of no more than six or eight. Sound trail riding advice is to know your other riders and assess abilities and agree on the speed for the ride. This is not always possible when you rent trail horses and/or join a large group or charity rides that resemble the Homestead Land Rush.

Deep in my trail riding euphoria, I’m not always aware of the speedier people riding up on me. After watching the rear of a horse in front of me for what seemed like an eternity, I thought there must be a quick and polite way to announce a desire to pass without surprising the other rider or risking they don’t hear you calling “on your left.”

The Trail Riding Bell

I discovered a trail riding bell that attaches to the horn of the saddle. A quick flick of the lever signals the rider ahead that you are coming through. No surprised horses leaping off the trail. No “you aren’t going to pass me” glances between horses, no unnecessary conversation.

The bell’s ching-a-ling differs from usual trail sounds and most cell phone ringers so it won’t be ignored or confused with anything else. It is easy to use because it is positioned within a finger flick. No batteries needed — it’s environmentally friendly because the trail bell works off digital kinetic energy.

Photo courtesy of Simon Bever.

Photo courtesy of Simon Bever.

A must for crowded trails, holidays, busy weekends the “Move Yer Meat” Hamburger Trail Riding Bell is a must. The bright bell announces your presence and the unique hamburger shape shows you aren’t a mean, selfish trail hog — you have whimsy.

Retails for £6.95 or $9.99 US.  Check out other styles here. Oh, and happy April Fool’s Day! (Though if you do end up rigging a hamburger bell to your saddle, please send us photos.)