Lindsey Kahn

Tablecloth, 1. Mini, 0.

It takes a lot of guts to conquer one’s fears. But sometimes, the scary object fights back.
Kiwi takes on the tablecloth.

Kiwi takes on the tablecloth.

Kiwi is a 4-month-old Miniature colt who is both fascinated and terrified by a plastic tablecloth on a string. Too cute to handle. Watch as he bravely takes steps to overcome his fear…

…and then make a hasty retreat back to his mom when the tablecloth attacks.

We love it when big personalities come in small packages! Go Minis. Go Riding.


Naughty Foal Gets Tough Love from Mama

Sometimes, kids just need to learn to treat their elders with respect.

It’s no secret that foals can be energetic and playful, even just downright sassy (for instance, we recently shared this video of a Paso Fino foal gaiting like crazy). But a good parent knows when to intervene when things get out of hand. Watch what happens when this naughty colt decides that it’s time to beat up on mom (note: you must be logged into Facebook to view this video):

Nothing like a little tough love to remind a baby that he better watch where he kicks out!

Go Riding!


7 of the Most Adorable Videos from 2014

As we wind down 2014 and prepare for the New Year, what better way to celebrate than by reviewing some of the most adorable horse videos that went viral in 2014? Join us, dear readers, as we take a ride down memory lane.

1. Take a ride on the wild side with Pony Steeplechasing

Spunky ponies, fearless children, and high-speed jumping. What could possibly go wrong?

2. An adorable I mean, fierce mini stallion shows the world who’s boss

Log in to Facebook to behold his mighty battle cry:

3. A horse shares hay with his friend, causes hearts to melt worldwide

This “aww”-inducing video was originally featured on Horses in the Morning’s Facebook page.

4. Itchy foals get resourceful

Reining wonder woman Stacy Westfall posted this charming video of foals scratching their bellies and butts on trees, shrubs, and other nearby objects.

5. Baby goats use a horse as a jungle gym

Mr. G proves that he is the world’s most tolerant horse and the best baby-sitter… I mean, kid-sitter.

6. Ollie the show-jumping foal shows off

At only 4 days old, little Ollie already knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. Watch him zoom and leap his way around a jumping arena under the watchful eye of his mother.

7. Emma and Cinnamon make their YouTube debut

Warning: watching this video of a little girl leading a gentle horse through the snow might cause you to make high-pitched sounds of adoration.

Happy New Year, and Go Riding!

This Welsh Cob Loves His Leaf Blower


Gallod Gethin is a 6-year-old Welsh Cob owned by Elizabeth Taylor. Of Gethin’s strange obsession with the leaf blower, Elizabeth explains, “Everyone at the barn thinks of him as a person or a puppy… He absolutely loves being blown in the face by a leaf blower, especially in the summer time! Anytime someone blows out the barn, they must take a moment to blow his face (haha).”

Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! Go goofy ponies, and Go Riding.