Video: Human Steeplechasers Bite the Dust

Watch this crew try to tackle this series of steeplechase jumps in slo-mo, fueled by the thrill of the sport (and probably a lot of alcohol.)


Holnicote Human JumpsPosted by James Edwards on Sunday, May 10, 2015

James Edwards posted this hilarious video of friends and family members clearing (or trying to clear) some pretty hefty jumps at Holnicote’s race course on May 9th. Holnicote is one of 110 sites in the United Kingdom that is home to point-to-point racing, which is a type of steeplechase geared toward amateur riders. A point-to-point is run over the span of about 3 miles and contains steeplechase jumps made of birch, broom, or spruce. These jumps average 4’3″ and are at least 10 yards wide.

That said, it’s pretty impressive that these human jumpers were able to clear the brush at all! I probably would have smacked against the near side of the jump and hit the dirt like a sack of potatoes.


For more information on point-to-pointing, visit The Point-to-Point Racing Company.

Go Riding!

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